Target Reclaims their Brand Identity and not-a-little Cool Cred with their Missoni for Target ads

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Bring Back The Brand Identity
For those of us old enough to remember there was a time when retail brand Target had a well defined, well loved position in the market. They leveraged their simple and strong brand identity through everything they did and all was happy in the world of the red and white circles. But over the last decade the brand has lost its way. As consumers have changed, Target has struggled to maintain their relevance and value proposition, and at the same time consigned their powerful brand identity asset to the back of the drawer. Whether by inspiration, strategy or coincidence, the launch of their latest TVC announcing the arrival of Missoni’s range designed for the Target has seen the retail brand get back their groove.

Not only does the Missoni move give the Target brand some fashion cred, but for the first time in a long while it gives consumers a sense that there might be more excitement and emotion to the brand than previous functional expressions of ‘uninspiring range at good prices’. The Missoni for target ads have style, verve, personality and spunk. Finally they give the brand a platform to connect with consumers and take the fight back to Kmart and new player Big W who have been successfully stealing hearts, minds and hip pockets as well as market share from the once much loved Icon of Australian retailing.

But above all, nothing made me happier than to see the Missoni TVCs bring back the brand mark. The use of the target brand mark through the ads is simple, effective and brands the imagery as completely and comprehensively owned by Target. For a retailer taking some new and relatively bold steps, the visual use of the brand assets throughout the ads is compellingly effective in ensuring everyone makes the connection between retail brand and range brand and remembers it.

This latest Missoni for Target ad campaign has done more for the retail brand than the last decade of brand communications combined.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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