Those forgotten in our rush to a digital age


When I chatted last week about why Guinness resonates with people around the world, as they have always been about ‘Beer and People’ and how they position themselves at the heart of relationships, I attempted to paint a picture of the magic of the rural pub in Ireland, the characters that sit around a bar, talking about nothing really, sharing moments together over a pint of the ‘Black Shtuff”. Because today, where people are so obsessed with staring at screens, instead of catching up with friends, Guinness has always endeavoured to get people back to a social place, to have a few pints and talk shite! Sure isn’t that what friendship is all about?

Then I stumbled across this absolute perfection of a documentary by TwoPair Films, which gives us a glimpse into that unique magic that happens over a pint in a rural pub in Ireland! Sadly, it’s a dying culture. This surreal documentary features real men and their experiences together. They talk about life, death, politics, quantum physics and the topic of the documentary, the digital television switchover from analogue to digital, all over a few jars and they have had a few!
The short film explores the analogue television age drawing to a close, the need for society to rush to digital and the impact it has on those who are caught between two worlds. It’s the day of the switchover, and the broadcast announcement plays in the background, the film takes inspiration from that little piece of information that is lost in the transfer from analogue to digital, it examines who and what is lost in the relentless rush forward.

And it’s gold! You might need some subtitles, I’d recommend a cup of tea and ten minutes to ponder life and remember simpler times! Happy Friday 🙂

ANALOGUE PEOPLE IN A DIGITAL AGE – short documentary from Twopair Films on Vimeo.

Gemma Tedford
Director of Brand Projects

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