When was the last time your brand cracked a smile?

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The Pulling Power of a Smile
As channels to market keep fracturing, the social landscape becomes more and more chaotic and consumers take charge across every category – what’s a brand to do? The answer might be right under your nose – well right under your customers noses to be more specific – in the form of their mouths. And the question to ask yourself is; ‘when was the last time you made them smile?’ Sometimes in this overcomplicated world of commerce we forget some of the most effective and simple rules of branding like the power of a smile. I implore you in the spirit of the Invisible Man in Flip Flops to spend an hour this week with your marketing team (and office joker)  jotting down ways to put a smile on your customer’s dial. Pick the simplest, execute it as a priority and watch to see the world of your brand brighten.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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