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As brands constantly search for promotional ideas to create impact, connect with consumers and form or firm-up emotional relationships with their customers, it is only the bolder ideas that are getting cut-through. When J&B Rare Scotch Whiskey set about the task they looked to their 250 year history for a point of difference. Around the time the first J&B was being downed in London during the late 1700s, the first tattoos were appearing in the mother country, adorning the arms of sailors returning from distant lands with inked mementos. Around 100 years later the art of tattoo reached the British upper class when Prince Bertie (later to be crowned King Edward VII) got his first tattoo, becoming the catalyst for a nation-wide trend which is once again proving popular with a new generation.

The historical tattoo context when combined with it’s current re-birth provides a relevant connection to a whole new group of potential whiskey drinkers, providing the perfect platform for a promotional campaign with a difference. Sébastien Mathieu, owner of le Sphinx a private tattoo room in Paris was engaged to tattoo 25 bottles of whiskey for the brand The bottles were covered with a flesh tinted latex, onto which Mathieu tattooed 25 unique designs, which each took around 20 hours to create. The bottles were presented in rough black, branded wooden cases and displayed at and at l’éclaireur Rue Herold in Paris.

The power of Limited Edition today is all about coverage; creating big, bold ideas that attract media and social interest, spreading the brand story by word-of-mouse.

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