‘Recipe to Riches’ – Great TV, but not so great for the brand industry

Recipe to Riches Branding

With more exposure on the branding industry than ever, it’s important for people to understand the process of strategy and design without being mislead by unrealistic expectations portrayed in shows such as ‘Recipe to Riches’.

The most recent Australian food based reality TV show ‘Recipe to Riches’ has reached its second season, turning the countries homemade favourites into mass produced supermarket goodies. The show follows the journey of products from taste testing, to marketing and package design with the winning products making it to our supermarket shelves. Although it’s great to see more T.V. programs giving insights into the challenges facing businesses like those of our clients, I am disappointed by the way in which the show portrays the branding process.

As a recent graduate fresh to the industry, I’ve come to realise how much strategic consideration, skill and expertise goes into creating a brand. Weeks, if not months, are spent on research alone in order to tailor a solution that will be successful in the market. At Truly Deeply, the process to gain a fundamental understanding of where a brand stands involves deep analysis, strategic breakdown and investigation into how a brand should best differentiate itself to gain market share. Only once this plan has been defined are designers able to bring these ideas to life.

The design process relies strongly on the ability and experience of the creative team to understand what is required to create a brand that communicates the right strategic message to the right audience and how best to capture peoples attention. The manner in which ‘Recipe to Riches’ shows this process demonstrates little of the time, effort and expertise needed to create a brand, placing unrealistic expectations on designers and undermining the value of the brand creation process.

Recipe to Riches Brand Identity

The idea that a client can sit along side a designer and simply handpick different elements to create a brand in minutes is misleading. Not only does it devalue the work of brand professionals but also reinforces perceptions that brand design is a simple process that anyone can easily master. There is a lot more that goes into branding than personal preference and favourite colours, but the program’s simplified coverage of the process suggests just that.

Given the outcome of these packages, it is evident the lack of time and thought placed on each design. For creative agencies to produce brands that cut through in their market, clients must value the process and not let shows such as this influence their expectations of the industry.

Recipe to Riches Product Design


Stephanie Leo
Design Creative

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  1. I totally agree with your article about the Rags to Riches ‘Branding’ process. I said exactly the same thing last time I watched it.
    We are already undervalued as a business and these guys are making it worse. I hope the producers read your article and make the Branding section more realistic!!

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