Let's give smaller product brands a fair go

Lychee Gold Cider

I recently stumbled across my new favourite cider brand at Taste festival in Melbourne, Lychee Gold. At an event where Rekorderlig was plastered everywhere I’m surprised that this small brand got a look in edgewise but by the end of the first night the small cider supplier seemed he might be hard pressed to keep up with the demand. I was delighted by this brand, the product tasted amazing and Alan who was behind the counter was so genuine no wonder I went back three times!!

Small product brands have so much to offer, let’s give them a fair go! 

For a while now I’ve been trawling up and down supermarket isles a little bit board by their product selection. There are always the same big brands offering the same thing. I understand how big supermarkets work so I’m under no illusion as to why this is the case however I’d still like more of an opportunity to give the small brands a go.

I occasionally go hunting for smaller brands in one off stores however on a day to day basis you find yourself falling back to the convenience of the supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths. What I liked about the Lychee Gold was that it was a great tasting product at a fair price $5 for 330ml compared to Rekorderlig which was $8 for 250ml.

We also got to sample Frozen Chocolate Coated bananas at the festival. Again they were delicious. The stall holder encouraged us to like their Facebook page so that the big supermarkets could see how popular they were and list their product. This got me thinking how tough it is to get your product listed in one of the majors especially for small FMCG brands.

supermarket shelf

It would be great if some of the smaller brands were more accessible. One of my favourite supermarkets to visit is the IGA in Castlemaine. Their shelves are lined with brands that I have never seen before. I love the process of meandering past products with unfamiliar packaging and a unique product offering.

The next time you see a small brand that is unfamiliar, give it a fair go, I think it’s time to share the consumer love.

If you’re interested in tasting Lychee cider, check out their website!

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects



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