The race that stops a nation is not really about racing

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Along with the rest of Melbourne, we’ve downed tools today for a horse race. However, for most of us the day really has nothing to do with horses or even sport.

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of Melbourne’s biggest events. A powerful brand that is so much more than horses. It’s where frocks, fascinators, fillies and frolicking all come together in a week or two that celebrates everything Melbourne.

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Dale Stratford, General Manager Marketing at Racing Victoria says that this year’s campaign is all about conveying “the thrill, excitement and exhilaration of racing. We’re aiming to ensure the sport has a greater presence in an already crowded marketplace while also ensuring the Spring Racing Carnival continues to be seen as the premier sporting, social and fashion event of the season.”

There won’t be a shortage of people at the races today. However, I’d be surprised if the majority will be there purely to experience ‘the thrill, excitement and exhilaration of the races’ (depending on how you define this). Most will place a bet or two and probably watch ‘the race’ but it will be more about the fashion, and the action off the track that attracts the masses.

The fact that the Melbourne Cup and the days around it are about so much more than horse racing is what makes it such a powerful brand and so Melbourne.

The Melbourne Cup is not really about sport and you don’t need to enjoy or even understand horse racing to get involved. After all, The Melbourne Cup is really just another excuse to celebrate in fine Melbourne style, where sport is just the backdrop to life.

Giddy up, have a tipple and enjoy the day!

Michael Hughes
Managing Partner, Strategy

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