The 'Real' Apple Store


London’s Borough Market, one of the oldest markets in the U.K., is marking its 1,000th anniversary this year and in conjunction with it’s annual Apple Day (a festival that marks the end of apple harvesting season) with a real treat for shoppers by creating a “Real Apple Store” for the weekend.

London based agencies TinMan and Teatime Productions were commissioned to create the installation by turning the markets annual apple display into a fun and engaging interpretation of Apple’s iconic retail establishment and in store experience.

‘The Real Apple Store’ features over 1000 varieties of real fruit apples showcasing one of the world’s oldest known apples the ‘Court Pendu Plat’ in a stylish Perspex box. The other 999 apples are displayed on clear pedestals sitting on sleek white tables mimicking an iPhone or iPad display in any of Apple’s retail stores. Each apple has individual information plaques with details about the apple, its unique flavour and history. This contrasts the usual technical specs we’re used to seeing next to technical gadgets.

When someone mentions apple we think of iPhone, iPad, MacBook’s, the store, the genius bar but we no longer seem to associate it with the real fruit itself and how many varieties there are, where they are from, the different qualities and the health factor of an apple, so it translate perfectly. It is a great reminder of how deeply entrenched the Apple Brand, its visual language and brand story telling is in our everyday lives and why it has it become one of the most successfully marketed brands in the world.

Reminds me of the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.

I think this concept should be brought to Australia to see people’s perceptions about the “The Real Apple Store” such a creative concept, which will be spoken about by many.

So don’t go looking for free Wi-Fi, as this store doesn’t have any of that.


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Sneha Rakheja
Strategy Intern

The Real Apple Store opens in London from on Vimeo.

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