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Brandertainment is the new Advertising.
In a world where marketing and content are increasingly overlapping, one of the most effective ways to engage with consumers is to provide something to watch that is entertaining on its own merits. As consumers are absorbing content increasingly from digital platforms rather than traditional ones, brands who are playing in the digital world are connecting in a manner that sits between advertising and entertainment. It’s a trend we’ve coined; ‘Brandertainment‘ and have previously written about it here.

Barinageddon is a branded entertainment campaign from NRMA, which tfollows-on from their recent ‘Buy My Barina’ social media campaign.

Earlier this year, the ‘Buy My Barina’ campaign was a social media hit in Australia with a viral video to find a new owner for a decrepit 1999 Holden Barina hatchback. The “Buy My Barina” campaign generated worldwide media coverage and over 1.2 million hits on YouTube, turning the humble hatchback into a global sensation. NRMA Insurance purchased the Barina with all proceeds going to Cancer Council Australia. Barinageddon will tell the story of what happened next to this extraordinary ordinary little car.

As with all good brandertainment, the brand owner plays a back seat role to the story telling. Filmed in Australia with local talent and what looks like a limited budget the first installment video looks a little more like a b-grade TV show pilot than some of the slick examples of this craft we’ve seen, but it should be no less considered a shining example of this new form of brand communication.

Hosted online at the trailer is designed to drive engagement with NRMA Insurance’s community safety content.

Robert McDonald, Head of Research at NRMA Insurance, said, “When we purchased the Barina in August, we said we had some special plans for this little car. We did perform some tests including a new type of crash test and people can view this here.”

Produced by Chimney Group Asia-Pacific, the agency has announced plans to crowd source a feature film production of Barinageddon through Kickstarter. For more details, visit Barinageddon’s Kickstarter page here.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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