Ikea's movie sleepover: An experiential marketing masterclass

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Ikea have always delivered on bringing the sense of place of their store and the Ikea experience to consumers, either through their clever light hearted advertising or imaginative ways of bringing the Ikea experience out of the ordinary, where you least expect.

Ikea are investing heavily in their stores in Russia, $2.5 Billion worth of heavy and as part of their local “wake up love” campaign, they surveyed their customers asking them what do they love doing and what would they like to spend more time doing. Again and again, the same simple answer came up, – “to spend more time together”. Taking this onboard, they thought about how people like to spend time with their loved ones and decided to surprise local cinema-goers in a Moscow suburb, where they ripped out the seats and created the ultimate, romantic movie experience, bringing the bedroom to the cinema, decking out the whole theatre in the latest Ikea bedroom range. People often wonder what it would be like to sleepover at an Ikea store, I hope the movie was action filled to keep people from nodding off!
I think this is really interesting and a great example of how a huge billion dollar giant brand can connect on a really personal and local level to their customers. I wonder how many Ikea spreads were purchased in Moscow last weekend! Just hope nobody rocked up solo to catch a Tuesday night movie, or maybe Ikea were instrumental in sparking a new flame!
Check out the video here.

IKEA Bedroom Cinema from Instinct on Vimeo.

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