Brand Designers share their work in international exhibition 'The Swap Show'


We see The Swap Show; an exiting new exhibition, explore the notion of international collaboration and what it means to celebrate good graphic design.

A large part of the Branding and Design community rely on collaboration; wether it be within a studio’s team, with a client, or even extended out into other industries, there is no doubt that within the creative field we use it in our day to day roles. The Swap Show is an exhibition exchange between design studios and creative agencies from cities around the world that is designed to showcase and celebrate creative work internationally.

The Swap Show Branding

Initiated by Foreign Policy Design Group from Singapore – along side three of their Singaporean neighbours – Roots, Bureau and Anonymous – we see a collaboration with some of Barcelona’s finest studios, Hey Studio, Mucho, Lo Siento and Two Points. The goal is to raise awareness, celebrate and showcase creative works across the board.

“The identity Foreign Policy created for the show was designed to reflect the sense of a two-way interaction and so it has various permutations to reflect the exciting sense of constant dynamism.”

The Swap Show Branding 2

The first exhibition was held within FPDG’s studio, where you could see design works hand picked by the creative directors. This inevitably displayed an exhibition full of bold colour and other traits that are distinctive of these studios “Spanish style”.

Interactive Brand Swap Show3

“Graphic design is a lot more than just a booklet. It is the usage of colour, the layout; and I think it is interesting to bringing in another city’s perspective.”

Collaboration is extremely powerful when it comes to creating brands. It becomes even more powerful when paired with strategic thinking, research and analysis which we complete for our clients at Truly Deeply. However we don’t always get to showcase this work in a format that purely celebrates design. I believe that it is important to continue to celebrate designers within the branding industry and this a beautifully simple idea that not only does that, but brings designers together from around the word to encourage collaboration and the personal gratification of sharing good design.

Merren Spink
Design Creative

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