Norway's New Passport Design Reflects the Beauty of the Place Brand

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Why beautiful Brand Design made me want to move to Norway
There are few less inspiring experiences in life than standing in line in the immigration hall at an airport, surrounded by equally uninspired people, holding a passport that has less design inspiration than the light of a glow worm’s backside. All of which is why I’m green with envy at this beautiful passport re-design from Norway. Designed by Neue Studio, the passport design takes inspiration from the country’s amazing landscape. In a ‘category’ where every passport follows the same boring approach, this design solution says much about the mindset Norway has towards how the see the world and their place within it.

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When viewed under UV light the passport pages turn to a night scene featuring the amazing Northern Lights.

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And we shouldn’t be surprised by this innovating design approach given the recent re-designer of the Norwegian Kroner, another step away from traditional design.

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Whether as part of an over-aching place brand strategy or simply an intuitive expression of how the people of Norway see design as it relates to their culture and society, the new passport and banknote designs make a genuine statement about the aesthetic sensibility of the Northern European country.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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