When brands come to life

When brands come to life

Our friends on Fast Company are running a story on the worlds busiest Santa, which is worth a watch, specially this time of year.

I think it’s incredible that our current perception of old saint Nick was created by brand titan Coca-cola. Did you think it was coincidental he wears red and white? That ordinary people then take it on themselves to reinterpret the brand and bring it to life is incredible. This Santa is probably at the pinnacle of living the brand, he is Santa Clause, he legally changed his name and it’s a 365 day gig for him. Which is heart warming, that with all of our brand cynicism people still believe in the power of warmth and optimism. Maybe it’s the season to consider how you brand can express such warmth and generosity. After all, if a brand is an emotional response, what better response could you want than someone literally living your brand?

Derek Carroll
Creative PartnerĀ 

If your interested, they have a full profile on him here.
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