Adriano Zumbo laughs in the face of negative reviews

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In a bold move Adriano Zumbo decided to highlight negative comments on the hoarding surrounding his new location at Emporium, Melbourne. It defiantly stopped me in my tracks while I was doing my Christmas shopping! Every brand needs to be aware of what their customers are saying about them online. As a brand you can’t get away with ignoring comments and reviews and in most cases your new customers will see what people have said about you before they decide to try your brand. This is especially true within the food service industry. Although sometimes you have to wonder if some people go over the top with their reviews and overdramatise their experience because they can hide behind a computer screen.

In a confident brand move Adriano Zumbo actively publishes negative comments on shop hoarding.

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Where many brands are trying to address negative comments and appease their online community Adriano Zumbo is confident enough about his brand to stand up and stay yes I do have some negative comments but I make no apology for my brand or the quality of my product because most . Apparently his Facebook fans agree with him because when he posted images of the negative comments he got overwhelming support from his online community.

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Some comments on the post include:

Daniel Ford “I understand the humor but aren’t you worried people will believe it?”

Tania Maree Stanford Purkis “That’s gold!! Keeping it real. Stand up against these faceless people. It’s just jealously. You are unreal and have an amazing product. Go get em!!”

Kaywana Brunello “Love your work and while your at it prance over to Perth and open a store.”

Natasha Newell “As if you can be a decent pastry chef without hair what on earth are you thinking Adriano lol.”

The comments really highlight the ridiculousness nature of some of these reviews and go to show that when you’re looking at reviews you need to keep a balanced view. Clearly Zumbo has some strong brand advocates who are willing to support the brand.

As a brand your online community can tell you a lot about the experience that your customers are receiving and creates a platform for open dialog. So while Zumbo are confident about their reviews I’m sure they would be paying close attention to ensure that customer perception of product quality and service are not dropping. No brand can afford to be arrogant enough to ignore what people are saying about them online.

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As a brand manager it is important to monitor and respond to reviews were relevant but in the end it will be hard to please all customers. The important thing to focus on is what the majority of your customers are saying and make sure you brand is living up to their expectations.

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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