Airbnb kicks off 2015 with a brand inspired social campaign #OneLessStranger

Airbnb #onelessstranger

As we launch into 2015, what better way than to start with a brand that is motivating ‘good’ from day one?

Over the holiday break, Airbnb kicked off a major social campaign ‘One Less Stranger’, inspired by their brand vision to ‘bring the world together’.

Airbnb are hoping their brand can start a movement to reduce the number of strangers in the world, with one kind, inventive and endearing act at a time.

To make this happen, Airbnb have committed $1 million to their community, with the challenge to encourage each and everyone to pay it forward. Airbnb donate $10 to individuals and then encourage them to commit a random act of hospitality.

Airbnb CEO, Brian Chesky says that this is core to the brand’s ambition to “make the world a little bit smaller and a whole lot closer”.

Airbnb says, “A hospitable gesture can be as simple as a cup of coffee for those in line ahead or buying needed supplies for the local community garden. It doesn’t stop with those receiving the $10 — by sharing these experiences on social media channels with the designated hashtag #OneLessStranger, Airbnb hopes the larger global community will be inspired to join and pay it forward, helping to rid the world of strangers, one stranger at a time.”

The stories are being shared on a microsite and through social channels with #OneLessStranger.

For a brand that is about ‘belonging anywhere’ this is a great brand gesture that brings to life the brand in a very genuine way.

Michael Hughes
Managing Partner, Strategy

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