Playful branding design is not just for kids!

Children Toy Branding Design Game Posters


The Children’s Toy Foundation invited Swedish studio Bedow to design a branded poster on the theme “play” for a fund raising project.

Having ‘just’ survived the Christmas period, it is common for the stereotypical Aussie Christmas to be full of family, gift giving, shrimp on the BBQ and a lot of over indulgence. While the latter may leave you resembling a Christmas ham, the concept of gift giving can be a lovely gesture.  Unfortunately sometimes it can be blown out of proportion and we now see many families start to give gifts of charity (think Oxfam or donating directly to a chosen charity). This is a fantastic gesture and influenced my interest in this clever piece of communication for the Children’s Toy Foundation, who bring quality toys and games to under-privileged children in India. The work is not only smart and simple in thought and execution, but it is for a good cause too!

“Instead of making a regular poster we designed one that kids actually can play with – it can be colorized, used as a board game or just as an inspirational poster.”


The ‘masterminds’ behind the project are graphic design studio Bedow, lead by Perniclas Bedow. Their work spans over a wide range of businesses and organisations – many within the cultural sector. There is a high level of sophistication and acute attention to detail in their work. They’re also happy to work for a good cause. This has bought them to work with Indian charity organization, Children’s Toy Foundation who bring quality toys and games to under-privileged children.

Children Toy Branding Design Poster

This project sees the brand’s essence brought to life through this clever identity design – a logo in itself, that can be used as both a board game, colouring-in book or purely just an inspiration poster. The poster design was approached as if it were a branding brief, giving more depth than a simple communication poster with a fun level of human interaction. The outcome provides an engaging activity that children and adults can enjoy.

Children Toy Brand Guide

When creating any piece of branded communication you have to consider the target audience, it goes without saying. The poster seem simple in design but is thought-out, effective communication that speaks directly to a (younger) audience in a ‘playful’ way, the special thing about this piece is that they also have the benefit of being universal enough to speak to a much wider (and older) audience. Communicating to a universal audience combined with smart thinking to encompasses the brand’s essence, topped off with clever execution really gives the project another level of sophistication. Now who said design couldn’t be fun?!

Merren Spink
Design Creative

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