Duracell's human touch bus shelter: clever experiential advertising


Today brands are investing heavily in digital media, hiring community managers to curate their social media content, developing cutting edge mobile apps, adapting their websites to be responsive and spending heavily on banner advertising and video content. One of the scariest briefs a creative agency can get is “We want to do a viral”. Whilst it would be amazing for your new video/ teaser / bloopers reel to go viral on Twitter and Facebook, there’s no guarantee it will get traction. There has to be a sound idea, something heart warming, a funny story behind it. It needs to be authentic. It has to be something new. Even though we’ve seen generally brands are migrating away from traditional media, I’m seeing a trend recently where brands opt to go back to simpler traditional methods, with an interesting idea executed brilliantly, with a bit of heart.

Summer has officially hit in Melbourne, made me think of our friends north of the equator in the depths of winter and spotted this #Powerofwarmth campaign by Duracell in wintery -50 degree Canada. Duracell created these unique bus shelters where you could activate battery powered heaters with the human touch. Only problem is you have to touch both walls, which are too far apart for one person. So you grab a stranger, holder their hand and through both of your body heat and electricity, you can activate the blissful heat. They called the bus-stop a “Moment of warmth, powered by you”. What I really like about this campaign is that they tailored their idea to their local market and came up with a really clever idea to bring people together, to share a moment of warmth with a stranger. The bus shelter is heated by human connection, isn’t that lovely! Using location based media like a bus shelter, gives brands the ability to really connect and tailor the experience for the local market.  With nearly 1.5 million youtube videos, you can say that their campaign is now viral, with a really nice sentiment behind it.

Gemma Tedford
Director of Brand Projects

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