How a little design studio in Australia attracted Two Million web site hits

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My How Times Have Changed – The Online Brand Revolution
Recently we passed 2 million hits on the Truly Deeply web site. Back in 2009 when we launched our updated site and blog – if you’d told us we were going to have that many people in our online community we’d have thought you were nuts. But 5 years and 1400 posts later we’ve reached this amazing milestone.

When working with brand clients we often challenge them to do something truly world class – something that reinforces their consumer brand proposition and that demonstrates their passion and expertise. When the eyes start to roll we like to talk about about our little Brand/Design Blog and how through our own unending passion and dedication we’ve grown it to be one of the most widely read in the world.

From the first week after launch in 2009 when no-one but my Mum visited, the site has grown and we’ve grown along with it, each fueling the other. In the five years since launch our home page has had almost 100,000 unique views, our folio of work 21,000 and our three most popular blog posts have had 16,000 (Johnny Walker – A top shelf brand), 15,800 (Adidas vs Nike – A battle of brand association) and 11,400 (25 Killer custom typefaces) unique views. But the real hero has been the breadth and depth of our brand and design articles, which have drawn direct and indirect readers from all over the world wide interweb.

As we set ourselves for the next amazing five years of building businesses through brand, we are reminded of the power of the web to change business and the breadth of the blue sky filled with amazing and wondrous potential. We’re genuinely excited about what lies ahead and look forward to sharing it with you in 2015 and beyond.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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