1970's letter from Lego show's why the brand has been so successful for so long.

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A Brand Strategy with 40 Years Consistency and Clarity
Forty years ago the world was a very different place – TV was king, there were no such thing as personal computers let-alone the internet, no Youtube, no facebook or Instagram, no reality TV or Kardashions – it’s hard to understand how we poor consumers got-by. But as this letter from Lego to Parents shows – some things haven’t changed. The defining emotional drivers of kids, imagination and Lego were a magical brand platform then and are no-less so now, and Lego clearly grasped this underlying insight. Over the past four decades the brand has wandered-off the path occasionally, losing its way and disconnecting with its consumers temporarily, but with a clear road map of brand understanding, Lego has consistently found its way back and maintained a relevant and valued position at the top like no other brand in its category. The question for all brand owners, managers and marketers is; “If you were to write a letter today to the buyers of your product or service, would you be able to capture as succinctly and with as much clarity your unique value proposition?  and in 40 years time would it still carry the same power and effectiveness?”

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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