Why Jim Collins was right; 'Open Minded' is the Right Strategy for Brands

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Versatility is the new Black in Branding
All brands start life with a product and a customer (hopefully lots of custo0mers). But when your market shifts, new competitors appear or technology takes the value right out from under your consumer value proposition, great brands know how to shift, re-set with a new proposition and grow again.

Jim Collins in his classic business bible; ‘Good to Great’ makes the case for many global Goliath brands that started out in one category before shifting to a more fruitful product or service to find their greatness. By uncoupling your skill, talent and experience set from your current brand offering you can identify new and greater opportunities where you hold an unfair advantage through your lateral entry into a new category. This is how disruptive brands are born.

Sometimes the best strategy for a brand is versatility.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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