There's a Perfect Personality for Every Brand – You just have to know what you're looking for

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Wine and people are not so different
As this wine label demonstrates, a little personality goes a long way towards brand engagement. It’s likely customers in this category have a preferred wine brand, region and price point that directs their purchase behavior, but increased engagement at shelf acts to disrupt the subconscious purchasing process, leading to increased consideration whereby they are far more likely to consider; “Maybe I should try this one” regardless of fit with ingrained behavior.

We often get resistance when talking brand personality from business owners and brand managers who believe personality is only relevant for youthful, humorous and irreverent brands. But in reality there are as many different types of brand personalities as there are target audiences – the question is more about finding the right personality – rather than being the brand in the room with no personality at all.

Brand Personality
Heightened Brand Engagement
Increased Consideration + Sales Conversion + Loyalty


Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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