Brand Killer another wake up call for out of touch brands

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Brand Killer is another reminder to be valuable or be ignored.

Hailed as the next step in consumer control, the head gear proudly promises to help you filter out ads and brands in real life. While it is a bit of gimmick, it is certainly a very visual reminded to brand owners of what consumers do everyday when they either physically or subliminally filter or block brands.

Brand Killer is not going to put strategic brand designers, like us, out of work. Rather, it is a strong reminder of the need to invest in creating valuable brands, not just selling and pushing a message.

A rather cumbersome and ugly device with a custom mounted display, Brand Killer uses openCV image processing to recognise and block logos from you eyes in real time. It’s creators describe it as “augmented reality to opt out corporate influence… It’s AdBlock for Real Life.”

This isn’t exactly practical and not a real threat to brands at this stage. However, it does provides a very visual display of the growing frustration people feel towards brands who intrude in their lives. If your marketing strategy focuses on ‘spamming’ and interrupting people’s lives you need to get a new strategy.

Generations Y & Z have grown up in world where they can skip and avoid ads on just about any device or medium. They are used to effectively choosing and inviting the brands they see as valuable to share their lives. They don’t really need a Brand Killer as they naturally filter what brands and technology provides more ways than ever to avoid unwanted interruptions.

Smart brands don’t fight this. By focusing on building stronger and more meaningful brand connections, you don’t have to be everything to everyone. With a compelling and authentic brand value proposition, you can focus on engaging those who really matter by creating valuable and memorable brand experiences.

Michael Hughes
Managing Partner, Strategy

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