The fart in a bottle test – How do your neighbors impact your brand?

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Oops, there goes the brand neighbourhood
The thing I love about online is that somewhere there’s someone trying to sell just about anything you can think of. Take this ‘fart in a bottle’ for instance with a bid of 99c – brilliant product design for the right consumer.

The problem is for the Xbox products on either side, whose market context  has been negatively impacted by the foul smelling beverage container. Yet so many brands – across all categories – are so busy focusing on getting to market, that they’re not aware of the market context in which they operate. For retailers, it’s the strip or shopping centre you choose for your location, for online businesses it’s the web sites with domains similar to yours, or the ones that come-up above and below you in a Google search. For corporate and professional services it’s the other businesses in your building or next door to where you’re located, and for FMCG products its the packages on either side of your shelf facing. For brands, too often the market context is ignored or overlooked as a critical factor in positioning for success.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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