Melbourne's Tree Branding Exercise

Melbourne's Tree Branding Melbourne

City of Melbourne has developed a really interesting way to highlight the challenges the city faces maintaining it’s famous beautiful leafy avenues.

Working through it’s Urban Forest Strategy they came up with an idea to give all the trees email addresses. All 60,000. Each tree in Melbourne already has a unique ID number assigned to it so it wasn’t a stretch to then give them email accounts.

The system works through a nice little site (developed by OOM) which has a live map of all the trees in Melbourne. There’s a key for the kind of tree, it’s life expectancy and ID. It’s a beautiful data driven solution to bringing the challenge the trees, and Melbourne faces. Inviting and explorative it engages you to get involved.

Unfortunately, once you email the tree the engagement ends. The cold auto-response states, “your feedback has been received, should you require a response you’ll hear from a team member shortly.” It then sprukes another council project. This doesn’t seem to be how a tree would respond to a friendly message.

Check out the Melbourne Urban Forest Visual here. Found on Broadsheet.

Derek Carroll
Creative Partner 

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