OK that's just cool – Prynt smartphone case instantly prints camera photos

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Gotta love a new brand with ‘baked-in’ product differentation  
Sometime you see a new product that strikes you as having particularly broad cool appeal. ‘Broad’, ‘Cool’ and ‘Appeal’ are three words that rarely fit together, but the new Prynt smartphone case is a rare breed.

The Prynt case transforms your smartphone into an instant camera, by printing photographs at the push of a button. Having seen the re-birth of the expensive and unwieldy Polaroid, along with old school photo booths popping-up at events and parties, the new generation of mass-selfie taking socialites have proven an appetite for printing those digital portraits.

The Prynt case works like an ordinary phone cover, it attaches to your phone and prints pictures from your gallery or social media in just 30 seconds. The snapped moment is made even more unique as images that are scanned by the camera, can come to life in a short augmented reality clip – Wow.

Prynt is currently seeking funding via its kickstarter campaign and aims to ship the $49 units for summer 2015. That’s what I call a killer product innovation with a powerful consumer brand proposition.


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Dave Ansett
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