Wheely's Cafe Carts – A Coffee Franchise Concept with the Potential to Disrupt the Category

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At Truly Deeply we love a brand that disrupts the market
Any brand with the gumption to re-think the product or business model paradigm and challenge the market is cool by us. The massively, huge, global coffee market has seen its share of disruption with Starbucks leading the charge 40-odd years ago. But any market of this size and popularity is sure to be fertile ground for ongoing disruption, especially when overlaid with the burgeoning trend of personalization. As the coffee market in most of the Western world continues to grow its sophistication, individual preference for bean, brew and barista is becoming more important in the equation brand loyalty. This trend is feeding the cool, local, SME end of the cafe category, and setting the scene for a new global player.  Enter Wheely’s Cafe Carts – The world’s first global bike cafe for a better world.

The Wheely’s model of a portable coffee and snack cart concept ticks alot of boxes for me:
Pedal Powered – bikes are as local as local gets, so connecting cafe and cycle reinforces local, green, friendly.
Small is Big – The smaller the cafe the better it seems, and as the personalized coffee trend continues, barista’s servicing small bands of caffeine loyalists makes a lot of sense.
Portable = Convenience – Our lives have never been busier, and so the ability of our coffee brand to be where we are provides a real advantage – at the kids sport on a Saturday morning, at the station on the way to work, outside the cinema after a movie… Owning one cart is like having multiple store locations.
Looking the Goods – The branding, carts and packaging are all professionally designed.
Barista Entrepreneurs – Not everyone who can make a good espresso can afford to start a cafe, but the scale and affordability of a Wheely’s Cart opens the opportunity up to a whole crop of potential bean business owners. A Wheely’s Cafe Cart costs around 10% of the start-up cost of a Starbucks. The first run of Wheelys carts are at the crowdfunding stage at Indiegogo.

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We know for every brand that disrupts, there are a hundred who have tried and failed. Time will tell whether the ‘baked-in’ differentiated value proposition of Wheely’s is made of the right stuff.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Concept spotted on: www.psfk.com

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