A Peak Inside From One Of Our Regulars

One of the things I love about my freelancing stints at Truly Deeply is when it coincides with Snack Day!

March has been a busy month here at TD, so with more days spent supporting the team (and I’m affectionately referred to as ‘part of the furniture’ these days), I’ve been lucky enough to share in the traditional Wednesday Snack Day.

As a contractor quite often working in isolation, I love my days at the Truly Deeply office. And while freelancing also allows me the opportunity to work in different offices with different teams from different industries, there is something very special about the culture at Truly Deeply, and the culture of Snack Day. It’s something that brings everyone together each week and provides a welcome distraction (and some sustenance) from the busy demands of the studio.

The family at TD is quite unique, and Snack Day embodies the importance they place on having fun and how important relationships are with each other that ultimately extends to their clients.

Recently, Design Creative Stephanie Leo created some amazing dumplings – a stand out in the weekly roster of snacks on offer. Check out her skills in images below and feel free to contact the studio for Steph’s dumpling tips and how you can bring Snack Day to your workplace.

Viva le snack day!

Nicole Markwick
‘Guest Director of Brand Projects’


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