Asda rebrand forces Walmart connection into identity

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British retailer, Asda is aligning its brand identity to reflect its parent company Walmart.

As with many brand architecture decisions, there is always a trade off between what is in the best interests of the company or its customers. Asda say they consulted their customers but is this more about ego than representing true benefit to the Asda customer?


The first brand refresh since 2002, Asda is now bringing the Walmart sunshine and American promise “save money, live more” into their brand identity.

He said there was a “scale advantage of being part of the world’s biggest retailer” and customers felt “positive” about the changes in research. “We haven’t touched the brand since 2002 and have seen an opportunity to make some changes to the way the brand looks. Yes there is some connectivity with our parent and why wouldn’t we want that.”

Asda boss, Andy Clarke says “being a part of Walmart, gives us a continued unique advantage in this market to continue to outperform the rest of our competitive set in the long term.”

However, Clarke does stress that they have research to back up the change.

“There is some connectivity with our parent and why wouldn’t we want to do that? It naturally fits and all the customer research we put in place before taking this decision was very positive about the change for Asda.”

Clarke has denied the changes are part of a brand migration to changing Asda’s name to Walmart.

In reality, the Asda green and most of its existing identity is not changing, so most customers won’t really notice the brand change. I doubt whether many would also connect the brand to Walmart or the USA.

Overall, it is a fairly safe change that probably does as little as possible to satisfy the egos of HQ in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The rebranding will officially be adopted in time for the UK summer but new stores are already getting the sunshine touch.

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