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We’re pretty obsessed with Lego, you may have noticed! Lego is a brand whose packaging says suitable for aged 4 years+, but probably their biggest brand advocates are blokes 20+ reminiscing of the hours of fun from their childhood. I still buy my boyfriend Lego, he’s 31. We don’t want Lego to change. It’s simple. In a day where kids are getting googly-eyed playing with iPads and mobiles, we ponder back to the good old days, when you just make stuff with your hands and imagination. Real stuff. Cool stuff! That’s why Lego has withstood the test of time. They haven’t changed a thing! Another love of 30 year old men is Back to the Future. Like Lego, we really don’t want to see a new 2015 remake with Justin Bieber as Marty McFly, it would be criminal. What would be cool though, if Lego created their own version of the most epic and iconic scene in Back To the Future. Well they did! And it’s amazing!

We’re pleased to say that we fit into this group of brand obsessed especially when it comes to Lego. This brand just keeps on brining us brand communication gold. It taps into a place in our hearts that brings us back to our childhood memories and nostalgia. Back to the Future is a perfect match for Lego as it also evokes these same child hood memories. It’s of the same ilk, perfect. Don’t touch it!!!

When we had a look back through our blog articles on Lego we realised that we’ve become Lego fanatics and it’s easy to see why they just keep on delivering brand communication that makes us love them even more.

Take a look back through some of our favourite posts on Lego and enjoy the trip down memory lane!

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Gemma Tedford
Director of Brand Projects

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