Bezar aims to take brand ownership as the marketplace for the design savvy

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Former Fab exec, Bradford Shellhammer is back in the online retail business with recent launch of Bezar.

Shellhammer says that he has learned the lessons of Fab and is ensuring that Bezar will remain true to its brand and niche audience.

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A play on the traditional spelling of Bazaar as well as bizarre, Bezar is a new online marketplace designed for people who don’t really need anything but who want the next design icons first.

The Bezer brand belief system is built around supporting designers and ensuring everything they sell is authentic with a real story behind the product.

“Everything we sell is a little bit bizarre. We only sell special things. Things with heart. Things made by human hands or dreamt up in a maker’s mind,” Bezer proudly state on the website.

Brand agencyWith a value proposition created for design connoisseurs, this does feel like a bit of Fab Déjà vu, but Shellhammer says that he is determined to make Bezer distinctive and not just another Fab.

“I want Bezar to be the Fab that never was. At its core, we were there for these [designers], and at the same time giving consumers an alternative to all the stale choices. Fab lost sight of that.”

Shellhammer told fastcompany that he intends to recruit big-name brands to launch and sell limited-edition collections and collaborations on the site.

Perhaps the beauty of Bezar is that they are clear about who they are targeting and why. It’s not another site trying to fulfil our product needs. Central to the Bezar brand is their team of design scouts who search the world for unique, eccentric and stylish products and then curate these into a niche marketplace.

Bezar is not just a shopping portal but it has the potential to build a powerful community much the same as Etsy has done for craft lovers. The fact that you have to ‘join’ before shopping is also another nod to this sense of community. Judging by the initial publicity Bezar has received in the design industry so far, it seems like they are off to a good start in building this community.

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Bezer launches Pop-Up Shops in 4 categories everyday: Art, House, Jewellery and Accessories. Prices range from $US 60-100 and products will typically be only available for three days.

As many of you reading this blog will be Bezar’s target audience, I’d be interested in your thoughts on the brand.

Michael Hughes
Managing Partner, Strategy

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