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Dutch design studio Oak & Morrow have created a book cover for Art Directors Club Nederland (ADCN) 2014 yearbook which shows off the best work from the Dutch design industry. Their solution involved the use of thermal ink that transforms when contacted by body heat. As the book warms-up from the heat emitted by the reader, the cover reveals hidden layers of design.

Oak and Morrow worked with technology group Q42 on the complex tech aspects of the book production. On their blog the designers revealed; “We opted for the use of thermal ink in the cover to enable the two different states. Our idea to print a black thermal ink layer on top of the illustration layer turned out to be more tricky to realize than anticipated. Ideally, both layers are offset printed which for only four pages is pretty ridiculous to do. Digital printing the colored illustration layer and then offset printing the thermal ink on top turned out to be a risky but possible option. The three inner layers of the cover depict “the elements of rhetoric: the art of discourse.” Three illustrators were asked to create the designs, which illustrate different elements. Marijke Buurlage drew ‘Pathos – the emotional appeal: persuading by appealing to people’s emotions’, Zeloot designed ‘Ethos – the ethical appeal: convincing people of your credibility or character’, and ZenkOne created ‘Logos – the logical appeal: convincing people by use of logic or reason’.”

For me this solution shows the true value of publication design where form, function and aesthetic combine to create an engaging and memorable consumer experience. Who says print is dead?!

brochure designers Melbourne

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