What are the top 5 critical proof points for brand engagement?

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Not all brand experiences are born equal
Which is why Pareto’s 80:20 rule needs to play-out in the way your business delivers on its brand promise every day. Every business has a number of brand touch points (functional interactions with your brand) from web site to retail space, from customer ordering to complaints department. As a brand owner or brand manager it’s critical to map your brand’s touch points and create a hierarchy of importance. Every business needs absolute clarity on the top 5 proof points (emotional interactions through the functional brand touch points) for their clients and consumers. By-way of example, for an airline those proof points might be: 01. Booking a ticket, 02. Checking-in, 03. Boarding/finding seat, 04. seat cleanliness, 05. arriving on time.

Understanding which are your critical brand proof points is the first step, turning those proof points into exceptional and memorable brand experiences is where the rubber hits the road. With a little consumer/client research and the strategic thinking of a brand engagement agency like Truly Deeply, every business can leverage their energies to create a highly effective brand experience for their consumers.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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