Responsive Outdoor Campaign for Women's Aid leverages technology for brilliant cut-through

Integrated brand campaign

Responsive outdoor ads heal bruises through facial recognition technology
A state of the art creative campaign for U.K. charity Women’s Aid draws the attention of passersby with startling  images of women with bruised faces. Using a billboard mounted camera and facial recognition software, the ads scan the passing audience, registering those who give the ad their full attention (the bottom of the digital billboard shows those people the software has recognized) The images on the billboards then change, showing the injuries gradually healing.


The point of the ad – that only by noticing and acknowledging the problem of domestic abuse can we begin to challenge the paradigm – is communicated with powerful cut-through and enhanced brand engagement thanks to the alignment of concept and technology.

Women’s Aid worked with London agency WCRS and Ocean Outdoor to create the interactive display, which was integrated with TV advertising.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Women’s Aid
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