A little stationery shop's big campaign for marriage equality

#ShredofDecencyA small shop standing up for equality

A small wedding stationery shop in Dublin, Daintree Paper, have recently launched an impactful campaign “A Shred of Decency” in light of the marriage equality referendum happening in Ireland next month. As the referendum is a month away, campaigning in the media has ramped up in the last number of months, on both sides of the debate.

Shred-of-DecencyAs a brand that positions themselves as ethical and inspirational, their actions powerfully reflect their brand values. Disgruntled by the harrowing anti-gay campaign materials, spitting out lies and hate filled messaging, they decided to take a stand and make a statement. They took any anti-gay print material and articles, shredded them and created “something beautiful out of something ugly”, confetti, which they they state is “Made from 100% recycled lies.” Bags of confetti can be purchased for €5, with all donations going to the Yes Equality Campaign.

Their biggest passion is paper, their customers are soon-to-be newly weds, they don’t discriminate and are willing to stand up for what they believe in. I’m really impressed with this campaign, it’s a perfect example how a small brand can truly make an impact in a greater societal issue and support those being discriminated against. As part of their social media campaign, they are encouraging supporters to post pictures of themselves with their confetti on social media with #shredofdecency. They are also encouraging supporters to retweet with #shredthistweet any hateful tweets they find and Daintree will shred the content.


Turning their brand around
It’s a powerful statement for Daintree Paper as they had been involved with anti-gay controversy a number of years ago when the company was under previous ownership. They were criticised heavily within the LGBT community when the previous owner removed a wedding cake statue of two men from his window display, citing that it didn’t reflect his religious values. Hat’s off to the new management team at Daintree Paper, this is the perfect platform for their new brand to regain trust from the LGBT community and hopefully their efforts will help to influence the referendum vote next month.


Gemma Tedford
Director or Brand Projects


    • Thanks for the comment Tim. I think Trojan Activism is the perfect term for this brilliant idea. The irony is brilliant and it’s a non confrontational approach, I wonder will they march next year.

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