Global brand Samsung creatively releases Super AMOLED screens

Samsung Product Campaign

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy Yab S Super AMOLED screen, image-makers Serial Cut have launched an intriguing behind the scenes film that documents their process and shows a collaboration between digital and handcrafted worlds.

Samsung is one of the most valuable global brands of 2015, and without going into technical details, Samsung posted this infographic that shows why Super AMOLED screens are superior to LCD ones. Among the listed reasons you’ll find a higher contrast ratio, wider viewing angles, and more accurate colours.

Samsung Super-AMOLED explained

To support this they have collaborated with  Serial Cuta Madrid bases image-making studio, who have created artwork that encapsulates Samsungs new technology, visually. See how they created it here.


The true magic here is seeing the studios approach to their work. There is something special about the documentation of this process. It is not uncommon to find that a lot of artist like to keep their tips and tricks to themselves. One of the biggest highlights is the way it displays the strong juxterposition of digital and hand crafted methods. Handcrafted techniques are quickly getting lost in our digital age. Without this knowledge you may have otherwise thought the end result was simply a product of hours of digital manipulation in photoshop. (Although there probably was some of that too).

‘The tablet was represented through a range of real shots of paint splashes, popping out from the screen and showing the variety of plastics and bright colours.’ – Serial Cut

Conceptualisation and innovation are integral assets when it comes to creating brands – especially within the tech field. But what is truly exciting to see, is when work challenges the latest in trends in digital and technology, paired with a creative nod to our older handcrafted methods. There is always something we can learn from both, but to bring them together gives you a really powerful tool to create visually stimulating outcomes.


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