Kenzo Bus drives smart brand activation for UAE launch

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Retail brands can’t stand still. They need to constantly innovate and more importantly find ways to reach out to their audience.

Lately, we’ve seen a massive explosion of the pop up shops and gourmet food trucks, now French brand Kenzo is taking their brand to the streets with the Kenzo Fashion Bus.

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As part of the Kenzo brand launch in the UAE, the fashion bus is hitting the streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to showcase its wares to its new audience. It’s a great new way to launch a fashion brand that enables the brand to go to interact with its potential customers in their world.

The London style double decker bus has been created to provide a paired back but still authentic Kenzo brand experience. With the signature navy blue polka dots that also create a homage to the Eiffel Tower, it’s a little bit of Parisian style on the streets of the UAE. It will also give the brand the chance to showcase their product in a much more powerful way than traditional advertising alone.

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The campaign is also encouraging punters to follow the bus and its travels through the Emirate with a social campaign that’s hashtagged with #FollowTheKenzoBus.

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This sort of brand activation is not new for Kenzo. They took to the streets of Paris to launch their fragrance and they have also just set up a pop-Up Cafe in a branded Kombi van outside their Beijing store. If you’re in Bejing you can score yourself a free coffee by taking a picture and hashtaging it #KenzoBeijing.

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