NIKE fuelboxes exchange fuelband points for merchandise

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In the battle for deep and enduring relationships with clients and consumers some brands have a distinct advantage – An engagement mindset.
There’s no doubt passion brands like Nike, Apple and Red Bull profit from the quality and depth of their consumer relationships. With consumer loyalty diminishing across almost every B2B and B2C category we are seeing a class gap emerging between a handful of super star brands who boast legions of devoted fans and the majority of others who are having to settle for transactional relationships. As brands struggle to move from a promotional mindset to an engagement mindset, those who have been focused on building relationships continue to dominate their category. NIKE’s fuelbox activation is one shining example of a brand who understand the value of investing in engagement.

The fuelboxes were located around NYC as part of an integrated promotional campaign for NIKE’s wearable fitness tracker. The fuelboxes exchange NIKE Tees, caps and socks for fuel points earned over the previous 24 hours on NIKE fuel bands. The fuelboxes popped-up and dissappeared in different neighborhoods over the life of the campaign, spreading the love, rewarding NIKE fuelband owners and stoking the flames of brand relationships.

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Yes NIKE is a global mega brand with budgets to match, and yes, yes the sporting apparel category brings with it a degree of passion most others can only dream of, but brand love is relative to your competitive set. And with most brands in most categories failing to focus any energy or investment on either internal or external brand engagement, the advantage of first mover (or even second mover) is an opportunity waiting to be grasped – if not by you then by one of your competitors.

If you’d like to get your head around how your brand can become more engaging with your clients and consumers, we’d be more than happy to sit down with you and help create that vision.

All images courtesy NIKE

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