Strangelove – A Local Craft Brand Bursting With Differentiating Personality

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Some days it seems the whole world is going craft
It seems like every time I look over my shoulder there’s another craft beer, craft burger, craft baker, craft soft drink maker appearing on the horizon. The ‘craft’ trend is a boon for consumers with small, highly skilled and usually deliciously talented artisans taking the plunge to bring their passion fueled specialty to the masses. One of the signatures of the craft trend is their ability to connect with and engage a community of passionate, loyal fans. This deep brand engagement typically combines the use of social media, face-to-face activation, leveraging third party/retailer communities and brand personality, but the final ingredient – and perhaps the most critical – is their reason for being. When brands are built upon a pure passion for the product (or service) they attract those who share the passion whether that be beer, bread or soft drink. Small scale businesses are able to literally bottle that passion and serve it authentic and fresh in a way no large house of brands is capable of. Having worked with both the largest owners of brands in the country and many small wine makers, I’m here to tell you that the difference is chalk and craft cheese.

One such craft brand who has me captivated is Strangelove – The closest you’ll get to home made soft drinks without having to talk to old people. We stock them at our two Etto Pasta Bars as much for the love of their brand as the love of their sodas (which as it turns out are pretty bloody good too).

Strangelove is everything a ‘craft’ brand should be, and when it comes to brand personality, there are few more engaging. From brand identity and visual language to social media strategy and label copy, from packaging design to flavour naming, every last bubble of the brand is deliciously crafted. We say; “hats-off to you Strangelovers”.


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Pics from the Strangelove web site and Instagram

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