Brand Loyalty is Dead – Long Live Brand Engagement

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Where’s The Brand Loyalty Gone?
Consumer research tells us that brand loyalty is diminishing at a rapid rate. 78% of western consumers no longer have loyalty to any one brand in any category. Brands who a decade ago shared trusted and valued relationships with their clients and consumers are finding those same relationships have become transactional. Once the ultimate symbol of brand affinity, it seems even brand tattoos are losing their status.

Indian tattoo artist, Jason George has 189 of his favorite brand marks inked onto his body. His tattoos include the brand marks of his favourite TV channel,┬ásocial networking sites, mobile phone networks, fast food chains, auto and fashion brands. And as you can see, our man Jason is a reflection of the ‘new brand consumer’ with shared allegiance to Nike, Puma, Adidas & Fila rather than a strong loyalty to just one of those competing brands.

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Jason Says: “I know it seems insane but these tattoos are my way of giving thanks to the brands that have made an impact on my life. All the logos that you will find on my body have a special place in my heart. They are related to my life in some way and I have memories and stories attached to these brands.”

With diminishing loyalty comes a demand for brands across every category to find new ways to create meaningful and valued relationships. As advertising continues to be relegated by consumers from primary brand loyalty driver to just another channel in the mix, brands must go back to the drawing board to create engagement, starting with understanding their very purpose and how and why that will be truly meaningful to those people most critical to their success – their clients and customers.

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  1. antoher fantastic newsletter thanks guys. in the article about loyalty you quote: “78% of western consumers no longer have loyalty to any one brand in any category” can you please tell me where this quote comes from – eg the name of the research, date, who did it etc!? thank you!

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