Smart Dutch start-up 'Add My Window' brings consumers to the advertising table

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Dutch start-up Add My Window is putting advertising posters into people’s front windows.
Anyone with a public facing window can hook-up with the company to rent the space out to companies looking for alternative ad space in the area. As brands look for new channels to connect with their audiences, ‘local’ advertising products are becoming highly valued, and at the same time, consumers are getting a small slice of the advertising pie.

Add My Window enables anyone with a public facing window to rent the space out in return for a monthly fee of up to EUR 150. Participants simply create an account, detailing the size and location of their window. The Dutch start-up then calculates a rate and finds a suitable advert to install. Advertisements come in the form of large decals containing hundreds of small holes that allow light to stream through similar to those used on tram and bus decals here currently. The decals are applied to the inside of the window maintaining much of the light and view for the resident, but providing a high contrast image to the street.

Advertisers get to choose the location they want their ads to be placed in according to target audience, and window owners can opt-out if they’re matched with an advertisement they don’t like but are charged a fine to do so. Add My Window currently offer 238 windows throughout the Netherlands.

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Images courtesy of Add My Window


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