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iinet legally supports infringing customers
innet has again positioned itself as the uniquely customer centric telco brand. After recently loosing the court case with the studio behind the Dallas Buyers Club. It continues to turn brand lemons into lemonade by announcing it will directly, legally support any customers that have their details supplied to the studio.

iinet has posted a full FAQ on their blog for anyone who is concerned they might be in trouble, which spells out the expected next steps and offers pro-bono legal services for any customers accused of infringement. It’s so refreshing to see a company ‘walk the talk’ of putting their customers first. So many normally see their relationship with customers as just a service issue, iinet really understands the ongoing nature of brand engagement. It will be interesting to see what happens to such a standout customer advocate brand when it gets gobbled up in the ongoing consolidation of Australian telcos. Sadly I can’t see any of it’s suiters or the big telcos taking such a moral stand and defending their customers like this. It will be a sad day if iinet’s takeover neuters it’s true brand differentiator.

What are you doing to be a champion for your customers?

Derek Carroll
Creative Partner

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