Samsung's great piece of brand engagement for Mother's Day

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Amongst all the cringe worthy ads bombarding us this Mother’s Day, Samsung stood out, beautifully connecting both mums and their siblings with the brand.

With brands struggling to remain relevant, smart brand engagement is crucial. The Samsung ad, ‘#TextsFromMom’ is great reminder that once you truly get your audience, it makes it easy to genuinely engage with them.

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Samsung’s campaign taps into the insight that most of can relate to – mum’s still haven’t got the hang of text messaging.

The ad is a collection of simple and amusing moments of text message fails from mums. Each one delivered on a different Samsung phone – of course! It has a laugh at mum’s expense but it doesn’t take it to far, before it delivers a powerful punch line and brand message: “Don’t forget to call your Mum this mother’s day!”

Some of the numbers are deliberately visible and apparently if you call the numbers you hear a voice mail from the mums. It’s another nice touch that enhances the brand engagement.

Of course Samsung hasn’t missed the opportunity to leverage the campaign into social media. You can share your mum’s funniest texts using the hashtag #TextsFromMom for a change to the latest Samsung phone.

Hope you remembered to call or visit your mum yesterday!

Michael Hughes
Managing Partner, Strategy


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