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Strategic Thinking, Brand Architecture & Brand Communications Guidelines
Truly Deeply consulted with all the VCCC partners and stakeholders to build consensus and develop a compelling and authentic brand proposition. This involved one-on-one meetings and group sessions with the leadership and marketing teams of the partners, the government and the VCCC to understand different points of view, address challenges and uncover brand insights. This was combined with a market review and brand audit to define opportunities for the brand identity and architecture. Building on the brand insights and opportunities, we created a new mantra that was all about uniting the partners and the VCCC to advance the control and cure of cancer.

A powerful set of values, a belief system, key messages and personality were also created to provide clarity and inspire the partners to explain, support and live the brand (internally and externally). A flexible endorsed brand architecture framework enables the partners and the VCCC to tailor the brand communication to different audiences and scenarios. The new architecture provides clear structure and hierarchy for when partners communicate about the VCCC on their own, with select other partners and for the VCCC to communicate as an entire group. The new brand strategy, messaging and guideline documents provide clarity and direction for all partners to work together as the first and foremost comprehensive cancer centre in Australia.

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How we have helped VCCC
Stakeholder consultation, brand audit, market review, brand strategy, brand architecture, key messaging,
brand guidelines, stationery, PR boiler plates and presentation templates.

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