TESLA new batteries will disrupt our brand world

Tesla Powerwall brand disruption

Tesla’s Powerwall Energy Storage systems and their upscale relatives for businesses and utilities are causing waves through the energy community in ways not seen since the iPhone launched and changed the way we live forever.

While there’s lots of discussion online as to whether or not it makes immediate financial sense to buy into this, what it has done is shift the paradigm of what is possible. For me the interesting part is the knock on effect this is going to have on every brand connected to energy. Just as it’s unthinkable for brands not to develop mobile friendly web or apps to underpin relationships with customers. I can see the same happening with energy. Tesla’s shift from a car company to an energy company will be a watershed moment in our lives.

When the iPhone launched in 2007 there was no apps, consider the value and influence the Appstore now has. Now consider the benefits of tying our power supply (both off the grid or user generated) and our appliances with abilities to work with such an energy storage system. The possibilities of driving and changing peoples expectations of efficiency and consumption could redefine not only how we buy energy, but how we use it and it is this change and the effects on brands that is really interesting. Naturally the power companies will have to change their offer, but I can see this effecting local and national government and appliance companies. Power independence, efficiency and the environmental benefits associated has been a drive for the biggest tech companies like Apple, Amazon and Google. Tesla has put all these on the table for ordinary consumers I think the impact on our brand world will be massive.

Derek Carroll
Creative Partner

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