Volvo flexes their Swedish brand pillar with Avicii to engage a new audience.

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Branded song becomes campaign: Two Swedish brands come together for a new beginning.

Swedish DJ and producer Avicii joins the Swedish car brand Volvo to promote the all new Volvo XC90, with his new single ‘Feeling Good’.

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Branded songs are very on trend as brands try to find more compelling ways to engage with their target audience and Volvo is no stranger to this approach.

The Swedish car brand recently used Swedish House Mafia and Robyn to promote their cars. Now they are hoping that one of Sweden’s biggest DJ/producers will help them give the new XC90 a fresher, younger image.

One of the world’s big names in dance music, Avicii has achieved numerous chart topping singles across the globe. He is a famous Swedish export and one that Volvo hope will help them shake off their stuffy old man image.

The use of a branded song that connects Avicii to Volvo and XC90 will potentially drive a new level of brand engagement, especially with younger audiences. The campaign is apparently designed to portray a more sophisticated image, built on Vovlo’s unique Swedish heritage, demonstrating confidence and an unconventional attitude.

‘Feeling Good’ is a reinterpretation of Nina Simone’s classic track. Avicii keeps an understated beat and adds vocal from Audrey Mae. It is perhaps one of the most commercial sounding tracks that Avicii has produced and is clearly aimed at broad rather than niche appeal. It also feels like a safe fit for Volvo as it will also appeal to older audiences who perhaps have no idea who Avicii is.

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Avicii says it is one of the best songs he’s ever written and he has been a big fan of Nina Simone for a very long time. “When I found out that was the song that Volvo Cars wanted in the music video I was really excited and happy to do something with it. I wanted to create something new, and at the same time stay true to the original.”


Volvo Drive-E and Robyn – Made by Sweden

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