Key Trends in Brand Identity Design for 2015

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The Critical Role of Trends for Visual Identity Designers
Each year Bill Gardener outlines what he sees as the key trends in brand identity design. As the founder of online logo site www.logolounge and the spin-off publications of logo collections, As do we, Bill spends alot of his life looking at brand marks and as such has an impressive perspective on emerging trends and their drivers such as the societal, technological and environmental influences. Trends in brand visual language play an important role in the process of developing the right visual cues for our clients. Trends are a reflection of consumer mindset, and as such should either be leveraged or avoided in order to communicate a brand’s proposition most effectively. Understanding these trends and the important impact they have on the way an audience perceives a brand are part of the skills and experience we bring to bear on every brand identity we create.

Five of the most significant brand identity design trends from the report
We’ve summarized what we see as the significant trends from the report. The real interest is in the detailed narrative that goes along with each. We’d encourage you to follow the link at the bottom of this article to access the full report.

01. The size of our digital viewing ports (interfaces) continues to get smaller and smaller. A recent Pew Research Center report indicates that 91 percent of teenagers access information online through mobile devices.

02. Because the world continues to be reduced to symbols, our communication will become more icon-based resulting in more common iconography that can cross language barriers. Those ancient Egyptians may have been on to something.

03. Consideration for the future: more symbols are being born every day to keep pace with our changing world; What will the symbol be for 3-D printing?

04. Everyone has opinion > everyone’s a critic > everyone’s an expert. This trajectory used to relate only to words and ideas, but with the abundance of visual pin-boards (ahem, Pinterest) and how-to resources, the world is becoming more visually opinionated. The good news is that people are embracing creativity and are interested in design, and this generation will be more visually astute and capable of forming their own pathways.

05. With technological innovation driving change from 3D printing to the wide range of screen sizes on the market is demanding more responsive logos and design components. And as the need for versatility continues to drive design trends, we will see responsive design become an additive and subtractive process, rather than simply rescaling and rearranging the components.

Below are some of the visual style trends that have emerged over the last twelve months:


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Check the complete 2015 Logolounge Trend Report:

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