Havaianas Magical Concept Store


Havaiana’s Concept Store in Brazil is bright, bold and creative. 

A retail store so simplistic, yet so captivating in my list of exciting consumer experiences, certainly includes the Havaiana flagship store found in the luxury suburb of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


I recently travelled to South America and I happened to stumble across the extravagant shopping strip Rua Oscar Freire in Sao Paulo, where boutique stores and famous retail brands are showcased in the most attractive way. Thousands of dollars are spent on interior design, visual merchandising and life-like tropical forests inside stores (yes, there are real palm trees thriving in-store)!

During my shopping experience, I was surprised to find a large, but seemingly empty space filled with every variation and colour of the famous Havaiana branded footwear and accessories. I felt somewhat overwhelmed by choice, but couldn’t resist walking around the store admiring the colour palette and endless options. The concept store is said to “convey the brand’s upbeat mood and magic, it’s impossible to describe using words, you need to see it with your own eyes”. I agree.



There are two levels to the store, the space is saturated in bright lights and of course, large palm trees. On the lower level you have a choice of 350 variations of the classic Havaiana and their accessories. For a reasonably low priced product, Havaiana sure know how to showcase their merchandise. As a consumer you can’t help but to feel inclined to purchase more than needed.

A concept of unlimited choice and branding to its finest.

Olga Dumitriu

Client Account Executive 

Image courtesy: Isay Weinfield, Mark Samuel, Travelmodus.



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