Obama font allows brands to emulate Barack Obama's handwriting

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Dialing-up the brand personality in brand identity design
Few brand identity properties are as undervalued and misunderstood as type. A correctly selected and applied font has the capacity to to communicate a brand’s personality above and beyond imagery and brand message. The science of font selection has long been understood by brand designers along broader themes; serif fonts communicate a traditional and established brand whilst lower case sans serif fonts communicate a friendly and accessible brand. But what if the selection of brand fonts could communicate more subtle (and potentially more powerful) brand values and personality attributed to an actual, aspirational character.

Newly released Obama Hand Lettering is derived from samples of the President’s handwriting and is reportedly accurate to 70% against his actual script. Created by Olex Studio and available at Creative Market, the authenticity is in the minute detail of the font; the glyphs: ligatures, figure sets, small caps and alternate alternate character sets.

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The Obama font isn’t the first instance of a typeface mirroring the handwriting of a cultural icon. Figures such as Einstein, Sigmund Feud, Cézanne, Picasso, Michelangelo, and Emily Dickinson have all been previous subjects of fonts developed for commercial use.

Einstein Font designers Harald Geisler and Elizabeth Waterhouse see their typographic work as part of a larger study into whether fluid writing impacts the expression of thought, and aims to shed light on the removal of penmanship courses from American academic curriculum.

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The interesting questions for brands is the extent to which the values and personality attributes of a well known lettering style may be imbued upon the brand by a strategic piece of typeface selection.

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Spotted on Creative Market: www.creativemarket.com
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