Pizza Hut's blockbuster brand engagement

Brand engagement
Pizza Hut Hong Kong finally makes good use of the pizza box to bring pizza and movies together.

Blockbuster Box turns a commodity into a valuable brand experience. The pizza box transforms with the help of your smart phone a customised lens and some smart promotions into film night, brought to you by the brand.

Brand design engagement

Pizza and movies are like peaches and cream, they’re just meant to be together. Building on this insight, Ogilvy & Mather HK created a clever piece of brand engagement that beautifully connects Pizza Hut with the experience of getting friends together for a movie night.

The Blockbuster Box comes with a easily removed hole and lens that you use with your smartphone to create a home projector. The box also has a stand to keep the pizza from being crushed and presumably your phone from being greased up by pizza!

Exclusive content is also provided by way of redemption but you could use the projector to simply watch anything from your phone.

While I’m not sure it will make their pizza’s taste any better or compete with the local artisan wood fired pizza place, it could certainly give them an edge over other mainstream pizza delivery brands – even if for a once off.

The promotion is only in Hong Kong at the moment but it if successful, it could be coming to a Pizza Hut near you.

Michael Hughes
Managing Partner, Strategy

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