'The Future of Connected Life' – An invaluable report for brand owners from the people at PSFK

In this latest thought leadership piece from PSFK Labs, they presents a plan to lead everyone a brighter future. The report responds to the premise that our connected world seems to bring as many challenges as it does opportunities. The concept of work-life balance is gone and everything has become blurred. Our lives have changed radically in just a few years – we shift from states of live, work, and play hour-by-hour, often minute-by-minute. By studying the emerging ideas from around the world that help us lead more progressive lives, we have identified key trends driving our modern perception of well-being. To live, work, and play better today we seek three things: effectiveness and productivity, balance and awareness and personal growth and fulfillment.

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You can find the full report here: www.psfk.com/future-of-connected-life-report

Image via PSFK

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